About Image Expressions

A cardinal sin when an individual retires is to not have a retirement life plan. What will you do with all that spare time? One can only fish and play golf for so many days and then boredom sets in. Yep, I'm retired and I live in an active adult retirement community near Charleston, SC. Two hobbies I've adopted during my retirement are astronomy and a few short years ago, photography. Both of these hobbies have remarkable parallels in that they both need and use glass. I love the precise engineering and manufacturing prowess involved in telescope and photographic lenses. If it were possible, I'd have a roomfull of telescope eyepieces and camera lenses!

I'm pasionate about photography and enjoy the observation, composition, photo editing and related skills photography has provided me. Consequently, I've taken, printed and matted so many images that my home office resembles a warehouse. Some of my first images are painfully amateurish, but as I've gained experience, my images have shown significant improvement in all phases of photography. As my skills continued to improve, I started sellling at local art and craft shows. (I've found the folks at provide excellent and in-depth evaluation of images.)

Now, I'm ready to take the next step.....Can I sell my images on-line to a larger audience? You be the judge and I hope, a buyer. Thanks for visiting. Let me know what you think.