How to select photo prints for your home (Part 2)

"Be true to your heart" is an old saying that rings true when selecting photo prints for yourself. Much like any other visual art, consider images that evoke an emoption in you. I had a customer who bought one of my prints to use when she meditated. Other clients look for a print that symbolizes childhood memories or other past events. Make sure the print speaks to YOU - after all, your buying it for yourself, not a friend, neighbor or family member.

Since visual art speaks to us, we as potential buyers, need to be in touch with that "inner conversation".  My images speak to me....sometimes loud and clear! Images of abandoned homes make me a bit sad, while flower images  help me feel at peace. Certain lanscapes have a feeling of serenity about them while others speak of past and future adventures. As an excersise, look at one of my images that you like and another that you don't like. What does each say to you? How do you feel when you absorb their messages? Send me your observations at: